Old House Demolition in Bangalore

Old House Demolition in Bangalore

Old House Demolition in Bangalore Faiza Building Demolishers Bangalore provides a quick, easy and convenient service to demolish your old house. Our experience in managing demolition projects demonstrates that planning ahead to manage environmental and local neighborhood issues is a high priority to satisfy the requirements of Government Old House Demolition in Bangalore.Faiza Building Demolishers Bangalore listen to your specific need and connect you with the residential demolition experts to finish your project. All of our old house demolition contractors are pre-screened, licensed, insured, and local within near me Bangalore. When the demolition work is done, Faiza Building Demolishers Bangalore also ensures thorough wastage removal services also we don’t take hidden charges for that.

Old House Demolition in Bangalore

Why Choose Us

Demolition Plan

detailed plan will be prepared before any demolition work goes ahead, plan include the demolition method and applicable safety measures that are needed to ensure worker health

Site Clearing

Mass clearance of trees, grub, organic material, concrete, A/C, and rubbish. Leaving the site with clean, graded dirt.

Safety measures

Covering the whole building with special sackcloth to protect the perimeter from falling rubble. Safeguarding the building by a security company and municipal police through the course of the project

Disaster Relief

24/7 Emergency response for fire damage, flood, or any unforeseen natural disaster.

Notify other parties

Any external parties that may be affected by the demolition work, for example, neighbors to the worksite, should be informed when this work is about to commence.

Free Consultation

Please contact us for a customized demolition or for answers to any of your questions.

Old House Demolition in Bangalore

Old Home Demolition Contractor:
Trust our experts … if you begin demolition without understanding hidden complexities, you enter a minefield of physical and legal risk.Decades of experience, with successfully completed residential Building demolition project numbers in the thousands, Faiza Building Demolishers has the capacity to manage and assume complete responsibility of your demolition project. You provide the details of the site and its history, as well as your requirements; we eliminate the risks of asbestos and/or other hazardous substances, the risks to neighbouring properties and the risks to personal safety.

Experience with all Project type

The Demolition division of Faiza Building Demolishers Bangalore Services is equipped with a wide range of excavators, specialist demolition attachments, waste processing and removal equipment, and a fleet of self-delivered cranes. Our expert teams of demolition contractors are experienced in all kinds of commercial and industrial demolition. We can build demolitions up to 45m, in some of the nation’s toughest conditions. Faiza Building Demolishers Bangalore Services has expert demolition professionals available in every state.

Demolition waste recycling

Once a building has been dismantled or demolished by Faiza Building demolishers Bangalore we recycle the arising, using them to backfill areas on sites or we sell the aggregates to be re-used elsewhere and Complementary we give to the client.

Demolition costs

Our dedicated and competent team has a wealth of experience in the demolition industry and we use the very latest Building demolition equipment to deliver all projects cost effectively to the client’s satisfaction. This is why we are one of the leading Building demolition contractor companies in the Bangalore.

When hiring a Demolition Contractor in Bangalore what we look
When hiring a Demolition Contractor in Bangalore what we look

As demolition contractors, our capability includes:
• Demolition and decommissioning of obsolete industrial and commercial sites
• Remediation of redundant infrastructure, industrial sites, processing facilities and power generation assets
• Petro-chemical high-risk facilities
• Multi-level and high rise demolition
• Internal demolition, refurbishment and structural modifications
• Explosive charge felling solutions
• Scrap metal services
• Vessel dismantle and disposal
• Emergency response
• Mine site decommissioning

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